Sunday, 13 June 2010

Nokia Announces T-Mobile-Exclusive E73 Mode

The E73 Arrives at T-Mobile on June 16.

The E73 Arrives at T-Mobile on June 16.

Nokia’s latest phone announcement is the E73 mode, a QWERTY-packing smartphone that’s practically identical to the E72. It looks like they even recycled the same data sheet. It’s headed (exclusively) to T-Mobile, and carries the elusive WCDMA 1700 mhz band.

I’m a little torn about this announcement. On one hand, it’s great that T-Mobile is getting another very capable smartphone (a phone that’s easily one of the slickest, slimmest devices that I’ve used). On the other hand, the E72, which the E73 Mode is based on/identical to, was pretty much shunned by users. I was one of the luckier ones, and had only two real issues with the E72: random reboots and the keyboard. I have to admit though, the battery life was exceptional.

So will the E73 be a direct clone of the E72, just with some different radio frequencies? Hard to say at this point. The only differences I noticed were the weight (E73 is slightly heavier, at 4.5 oz vs. the E72’s 4.41 oz), battery life (E73: 13 hours vs. 12.5 hours on GSM), and support for T-Mobile’s Visual Voicemail feature.

The E73 Mode is set to arrive at T-Mobile on June 16. Pricing is currently unknown, and T-Mobile doesn’t even list the phone on their website.

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