Sunday, 13 June 2010

A socialites’ world, from the palm of your hand, with Samsung Mobile


Are you addicted to Facebook or Twitter? Are you constantly texting on the go? Do you wish you could connect with your friends in a range of ways from the palm of your hand? If so, Samsung’s latest range of social mobile phones are perfect for you! With 51 percent of Australians who access mobile internet visiting Social Networking Services (SNS) on their mobile phones*, Samsung’s latest range allows you to easily access all of your favourite networking sites from a sophisticated and stylish handset.

Featuring either a QWERTY keyboard, touch screen interface, or both, the Samsung B3210, B3410, GenoA and B3310 are ideal devices for people who love surfing the net, calling on the go and chatting with friends and family via text messages. Even more exciting is that Samsung’s new phones are surprisingly affordable, with these compact devices starting at just $129.

“Research shows that three out of five Australians under the age of 35 who access the internet claim to use social networking on their mobile phones*,” said Tyler McGee, Vice President, Telecommunications, Samsung Electronics Australia. “These four new Samsung phones will make it easier than ever for people to keep in touch whichever way they choose.”

Both the Samsung B3410 and GenoA mobile phones feature full touch screens, allowing you to navigate your way easily through the phone’s menu and messaging options. Both of these handsets also feature Samsung’s intuitive drag and drop technology, allowing you to place your favourite applications on the phone’s desktop for direct access. The B3410 also sports a full slide out QWERTY keyboard, allowing you to either touch or type, depending on what you prefer.

Additional phones in the social series are the Samsung B3210 and B3310, which both feature full QWERTY keyboards. The B3210’s curved design allows you to easily hold your phone in the palm of one hand, so you can comfortably network with mates for longer. Alternatively, the Samsung B3310 features a slide out QWERTY keyboard that replicates your PC with a 4 by 12 keypad.

All four handsets come equipped with the Communities Page, which lets you access all of your favourite social networks from one easy location, as well as fantastic multimedia capabilities including MP3 player, FM radio, camera, video recording and playback. The phones also come in a range of vibrant colours.

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