Friday, 30 July 2010

Nokia N97 - Multimedia Ultimately Magic

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As more and more technology comes our desire to update the cell phone also increases in technological terms. And N97 is one of those phones that will be sought for all in one phone has a good memory, literally everything, good looks, good sound, good camera and everything you can request. In addition, manufacturer Nokia is always a good will among customers so that the phone can be held and the festival time in the market for sales.

All new Nokia N97 comes in two version of 2G and the third generation 3G. The latter, of course high speed internet and easy access to visual communication. The phone is a 3.5 "TFT LCD, which produces 16 million vibrant colors to offer natural. It also has an accelerometer for auto rotation when you go the phone horizontally.

The phone has a memory RAM 128 MB of memory and 32GB. This can store a large amount of music, video, and claimed to store entries is unlimited. The phone can also store a call log of 30 full days. The phone features through the GPS is compatible with all maps and Ovi offers many services, freedom of navigation, GPRS, EDGE, FM radio, FM transmitter. The keyboard is a full keyboard and connected to and scroll horizontally. Camera phone is the 5MP Carl Zeiss optics with LED flash and VGA video recording of 30fps. Operating system in the phone S60, edition of 5. The phone also is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, battery life is good.

Can disadvantage with the Nokia N97 to be the only working slowly since S60s is that it can be slow and lethargic. However, this mobile phone is loaded with a full range features a variety of specifications, the cost of almost perfectly, but can be slow to affect the value. Therefore, the designer must confirm all the details about the phone before you buy.

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