Thursday, 19 August 2010


Telephoning you've ever seen.

People have dreamed for decades of video calls. iPhone in April, it is a reality. With a push of a button you can wave to welcome their children to share a smile around the world, or do you see your best friend laughs at your stories iPhone 4.4 iPhone via Wi-Fi No other phone does not get much more fun to stay.
FaceTime, iphone, video calls
With a simple touch
FaceTime works straight from the box without having to establish a special account or screen name. And the use of FaceTime's as easy as it gets. Suppose you want to start a video call with your best friend. Find easy their entry in your contact list and click FaceTime. Or perhaps youre a call and want to change the video. Just press the button on the screen of the phone FaceTime. In any event, seems an invitation on your iPhone 4 screen asking if you want to meet you. If she accepts, she starts the video call. Its all perfect, no problems. And it works in both portrait and landscape.
FaceTime, iphone, video callsTwo video cameras to the calls
iPhone has two top-four cameras, one on the front and another in the next round of the LED flash. The front camera has been adapted for FaceTime. All right visual field and the focal length to focus on the face, arms outstretched. Therefore, they can always the best way.FaceTime, iphone, video calls
Say what you see with the camera back
Imagine if your sister is in college and I can not send their kids birthday. While the wish of his co-hosts with FaceTime. As the muffins, their children's eyes light up, and just share. make, press a button and say before you can want is the iPhone 4 backup camera and a lot of time birthday. Another blow to the camera before you turn in your case. Simple, fast and fun.
FaceTime, iphone, video calls

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