Saturday, 21 August 2010

Nexus The Great Debate About 3G And Touchscreen Calibration

Touchscreen, Calibration, Nexus, Great Debate
The Nexus is one of the hottest topics of debate lately Google is to break the market with this device and is very close to it. But like any new product, problems were expected and had a lot of them. The phone seems to be some problems with 3G connectivity have, for example, and so far, Google seems to be embarrassed to find a solution, but we say they're working on one.

In addition, the phone a few problems with your process calibration after he started from a cold start problem seems to disappear and after sleep, after they turn again, but still be very annoying. According to Google, this time it works well. The sweet part is that whatever the cause turns out to be the hardware or software, you will be covered by Google and do not spend a cent on the fixing.

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