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Nokia E7 Reviews : Nokia E7 is a Slim, Stylish and Qwerty Keyboard

Nokia E7 is a natural successor to the old line of communication from the smart phone business. With big screen and a QWERTY keyboard, and certainly packs in the features. But the aging Symbian contract again? Read on for our full review.
Nokia E7
When Nokia launched E7 has been described as the smartphone business in the end. In many ways the logical successor to old-line communications, Nokia is its ability to deal with e-mail from Microsoft Exchange and create and edit documents, use Outlook to synchronize calendar and even use the built-in Virtual Private Networks ( VPN) for secure communications network for your business.

Built-in keyboard and a screen 4 inches to help in this regard, but the Nokia E7 also the credentials of the consumer with a good support for Twitter and Facebook, 8 megapixel camera, HDMI out, the BBC iPlayer preloaded games and a lot of potential. In fact, where the old line of communication was certainly a case of "business first, and E7 is to try to mix both worlds.

Nokia E7 is a slim and stylish, and, in fact hard to imagine that packs a QWERTY keyboard in the Slimline chassis. It is hard, but thanks to the steel casing.

Chassis and two nasty surprises at the show. In the first place did not have a protector, removable, and therefore the 1200mAh battery that E7 is fixed and can not be replaced. Secondly, there is no microSD card slot, so you're stuck with 16 GB of built-in storage. Both seem reflux problems for us, although admittedly any phone and Windows 7 devices, removable storage on both requirements.
Nokia E7
If you are wondering how to restore your sim in Nokia E7, when it lacks the protector, and the answer is that besides hole.

It is Symbian OS ^ 3 in the deck for some in the past. Nokia touch and label their own operating system and offers three large screens that can be filled with widgets and shortcuts. Each screen has six areas of the piece, and can be filled by someone with a shortcut or a region of data (see the incoming messages and notes or obligations, for example) or four connections for small applications.

For us ^ 3 feels a bit like the older versions of Symbian, with applications pending on the lists have overlapping does not make for easy navigation.

To take just one example. And E7 and Wireless, two, one for radio, a digital radio broadcasting. Would expect them both in the same place, but the application and the Minister of Foreign Affairs in a folder called 'music and digital broadcasts shortcut in the Applications folder' on. You can have more than Nokia and other similar problems, which operate throughout the system by simply removing system folders completely.

And this should be the next Anna Symbian smooth away some of the issues and the user interface and adding a better browser.
Nokia E7
However, clear black screen Nokia bright and beautiful, and 640 × 360 pixels, while a long way from the top of the range in the smartphone sharp enough. Capacitive screen and supports pinch to zoom out. Displays the data well and benefit from the larger size of the screen 4 inches.

Mechanism based on ultra smooth and there is plenty of clunking sound when the keyboard is revealed and hidden. The screen until you sit at an angle of 45 degrees when the keyboard is nice in the show, so you can easily see the content when Nokia E7 on my desk.

The keyboard itself is a joy to work with. Keys are well spaced and comfortable under the fingers, and there was even room for a small group of the cursor keys on the right of the keyboard. We wish you a custom shortcut keys for messaging, web and so on, but if you can add to this the lack of screen is not really a problem.
Nokia E7
And fans multimedia functions such as HDMI out, and Nokia provides mini-jack adapter to the phone of a large size. Multimedia fans can only regret the fact that the camera is pointed down. In a phone of this level of sophistication and this strange feature.

There are a large number of such on the E7. A combination of form factor, keyboard and excellent screen Nice to give it a real attraction for the business user. But it comes with a price too high, and this only weakness seems more services.
Price: £499 SIM-free

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