Saturday, 12 June 2010

The most in-depth video of the Nokia N8 yet

Lots of people have been asking us about the upcoming Nokia N8, and it seems you really want to know the latest news on this exciting device.

So we have made three videos for you – all fronted by Nokia Product Manager Chris Bennets – which provide an in-depth look at how the device is coming along.

Here’s the first of the three videos. Enjoy!

Hell why nobody criticized the UI's 4 years ago? No the iPhone appeared and everybody went mad about UI, it's like some famous actor showed to the public his new shiny pink pants and everybody start to show up with this kind of style while looking back to others still wearing black pants and saying: Yo your pants are laggy and there's non multitouch, and I'm cool 'cause iHave pinky pants and yours sucks... Wake up people, you all have brains, so why not to use them?


i think NOKIA cares for average joe and yes 370euro is something most of the people can afford. And i think if nokia really wanted to make a flagship they would have put 1ghz, keyboard,meego..etc but think again my friends the price would have been 550euro+.
Think again on this my friends.
All the best choosing your next phone!!!!

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