Saturday, 12 June 2010

Top of the table: Here’s the greatest footy game ever played!

With football fever set to grip the world this summer, we thought we’d give Nokia fans a bit of a treat… a video of the greatest game ever played!

Got an inkling of the one we’re talking about?

Well, think again… because this game has never been shown! Now, don’t get us wrong.. we’ve got the utmost respect for the players currently gracing today’s world stage – but we reckon even the vintage Brazilian team of the 70s would struggle to pull of moves such as the ‘The Helicopter’ and ‘The Super Tic-Tac’.


Just sit back and enjoy our video… and don’t forget to tell us what you reckon you’d get up with an N8 device in your hand!

See what we mean? That’s some showboating that even the very best could only dream of!

If you liked that, then check out our ‘behind the scenes’ video too. It features a true legend of the Foosball world in the form of Jim Waterman, a trick shot master and a driving force behind the website … just follow the annotated links at the end of the main video! Enjoy.

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