Sunday, 18 July 2010

Nokia N92: TV on your mobile phone, laptop

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In 2005, the first Nokia DVB - H integrated mobile phone, Nokia N92 N-series in its portfolio. Now you can search directly in the television programs on your mobile device slim and strong. You do not sit in front of a television. Group channels and timing for your favorite TV shows and watch them wherever you go. Nokia N92 with a unique ergonomic design offers a new experience for mobile users. The handset is enhanced more dynamic and large 2.8-inch anti-glare QVGA screen with 16 million colors. Media with dedicated keys, and adds the device viewing experience more excellent.

The Nokia N92 comes with 4 different modes, so it is easy to use the options available to the review and functions of the phone. For example, to watch TV mobile phone, simply open the device in the display mode and press the dedicated key for multimedia. The Nokia N92 comes with electronic services guide (SGI) for the television channels available, and select a channel and watch TV on your mobile phone. In addition, the Nokia N92 also features a Music supports up to 2GB memory. Play and enjoy listening to the soundtrack of your favorite go. What is more, with the radio, tune in and listen to music on the Heat at all.

For the lovers of photography, the device provides 2.0-megapixel camera - and the world and share them with friends and family through multimedia messaging and email. If one of the N-series phones the most advanced, the Nokia N92 comes with the latest mobile technologies. Powered by the third generation 3G, smartphone and provides impeccable data communication via GPRS and edge solutions. Communication and exchange multimedia files via Bluetooth or fast USB. And surf the Internet more fun with the Nokia N92. All in all things, the Nokia N92 is a great device to watch mobile TV programs and other high-end features.

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