Sunday, 18 July 2010

Vodafone TV Mobile Launches TVI 24-Hour Channel

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Europe began to Portugal: Vodafone and TVI channel for 24 hours on Vodafone Mobile TV.
Channel TVI for the Vodafone Mobile TV service direct most of the programs TVI (soaps, news bulletins and all the programs that kept human TVI). In addition to news broadcasts that aired already, Vodafone customers can now see TVI programs on their mobile phones as Morangos com A├žucar, Ilha dos Amores, Doce Fugitiva, e to the European Union, and Tardes de Julia, and others.

TVI channel connected to the primary display of channels available on Vodafone Mobile TV, and is available to all customers who apply for one of the options for the subscription service - the involvement of a 24-hour (€ 0.90) or 30 days subscription (€ 7.50).

With the addition of channel TVI to the Vodafone Mobile TV, Vodafone is the only mobile operator to offer its customers a specialist in three national channels (RTL my body and TVI) broadcast 24 hours a day.

Vodafone Mobile TV currently offers a choice of channels, including 26 as well as the national channels of the three specialist, and channels (like the state X,. Music, MTV, Panda, Discovery Mobile, Network (DC United, including many .

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