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HTC Thunderbolt Review: The first smartphone from Verizon Real speed 4G

Verizon Thunderbolt Review : Real speed 4G comes in the smartphone, HTC lightning, Armando Rodriguez,,

HTC Ray, on 17 March was published, the first phone in the U.S. is available that can access the network speed 4G LTE Verizon Blitz will be connected. This fact alone makes the Lightning ($ 250 with a new contract for two years) a significant part of the equipment, particularly for users who usually run applications with high bandwidth applications such as video, online gaming and the definition of HD video streaming. Network speed aside, I found the phone even greater for HTC impressive, especially the family of smartphones, but with some shortcomings.

Beautiful design
Thunderbolt HTC 4G LTE smartphoneThe feels really well built and sturdy in the hand. But for someone who comes from a small phone, Rayo 5.78 ounces, with frame of 4.8 by 2.6 by 0.52 cm, can feel like a monster in comparison.
HTC Thunderbolt-1
However, the phone is a good use of their size. Thunder WVGA screen, 4.3 inch display provides ample room to maneuver your fingers while typing and browsing websites on the go. My only complaint is that the screen is difficult to see in direct sunlight.

The phone design is very simple, it offers a power button and a headphone jack on top, a volume control on the right hand, and the device, the output level, menu, back and search buttons in the face. On the back is an 8-megapixel camera (with dual LED flash) and a crowbar, as we have seen in the HTC EVO 4G. Also find a 1.3-megapixel camera on the front for video conferencing equipment (see below).

Rayo fast broadband speeds
The main draw is its broadband Thunderbolts, who were in my tests just unbelievable. With the FCC wireless broadband test Ookla, I saw download speeds compatible 8 megabits per second and 12 Mbps. With a bar and a room that supports Verizon's LTE 4G network, I managed to download your mobile site for about 4 seconds PCWorld. Sites image-heavy loaded in less than 10 seconds.
HTC Thunderbolt-2
Ray 4G can share their connection with seven devices through its role in Wireless Access Point (even if the service can be fee depending on your plan). To test the connection limits 4G: I have an access point and an iPod Touch and other smartphones with him. I was able to transmit live TV for the iPod Touch and download applications and view YouTube videos in high quality on the phone while surfing the Web and download applications in the package. All these tasks easily and quickly ran Verizon's LTE service, and I feel there might be a little more devices to the hotspots with little loss of power to be.

Call quality on the Lightning was not clear, but it was close. People who called said he could hear the wind noise on my end, but without interference from others.

HTC Sense Facelift
The Lightning comes with a combination of new and improved user interface that spans HTC's own software, operating system, Android. Although most of the interface improvements purely cosmetic purposes seem, HTC has introduced some cool new features.

For example, by showing the message below at the top of the screen is a list of applications already open. This useful feature may have been inspired by a similar function in apples IOS.

In relation to the Quick-start option allows you to start phone almost immediately, but to disable certain applications with Android Market need.

The  +  symbol on the right side of the pier (at the bottom of the screen) has been replaced by a brush and palette. If you touch that brings the adjustment menu, where you can change the background image, add items on the screen and change the sound settings. You can also use the skin of the user with a sense of the five options.

Android Add-Ons
Unfortunately, the flash is to have loaded with unwanted software. The application has seen the blockbuster in the X-Droid is Verizon with a demo-Ray Golf 2 and promotional videos Bitbop, Rhapsody and Rock Band for Android loaded. The usual range of applications, Verizon (Navigator, Slacker, V CAST V Cast media and the App Store) is also an entrance. And you know what? You can not delete these applications. This is not an injury, but no further request that clog your mailbox application, it is difficult to quickly find the desired application.

The cameras are a mix
HTC phototherapy has  Thunderbolt test test photo HTC two cameras, a 1.3-megapixel camera on the front and an 8 megapixel in the back. The photos that I worked with the 8-megapixel camera (click on the thumbnails on the left to see the pictures in full size.) Photos were surprisingly strong. Even if the zoom, the resolution was quite good. Colors seemed determined and faithful to the theme of my photos. Pictures were taken at very low light in a clear and simple, thanks in part to the dual LED flash. HTC EVO 4G also features an 8-megapixel camera on the back, but the camera is far superior Thunderbolts.
HTC Thunderbolt-3
Thunderbolts before, in front of the camera of 1.3 megapixels is a different story, I have pictures with it a bit dark and dreary. The front camera for video chat services, but could not find this kind of application that runs on your mobile phone. Skype for Android does not yet support video chat, and Fring does not recognize the camera at all. Qik could be another option, but does not offer video telephony application to the beam. Despite its good to use more Android phones before the cameras without additional software, they are not much to see.

The video I shot with the phone very much, but certainly not as clear as the images captured. If I shot a clip, the video seems a bit vague, and only if I set the camera to an object that had to improve the sharpness of the video. A more serious problem relates to the audio-video recordings of a phone so low you have to listen to the volume of the reading, and even then only you can hear loud noises.

Beautiful views with other teams
A DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) certification, lightning can wirelessly share photos, music and videos between devices, DLNA home network. For example, you can stream video on your TV with DLNA certification for breeding. The music player can also check out the media server you have to listen to on your network.
Beautiful  teams  HTC Thunderbolt -4
If you listen to your favorite music, you get (like most people), knowing very happy that ships Thunderbolt lead with a microSD card to 32 GB on board, thousands of songs or movies with them.

HTC Ray looks, feels and acts like a solid piece of hardware. Although the specifications arent all that we see not already in the X or the Droid Droid 2, is the ability to speed burst unprecedented Verizon's LTE network use a special phone. Users want to run, the high-bandwidth applications on the road - as in the transmission of HD video or play games online - are quickly found a phone on the market.

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