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Nokia E5 - Display Operating System And Networking

Nokia E5
Nokia E5 - Display  Operating System
The screen is probably the Achilles heel E5S. It is not only smaller than 2.36 inches, but has a relatively low resolution of only 320 x 240 pixels. Text and symbols are the eye, but it is too small to use - even compared to other messaging devices. something that is not really a problem in most other mobile messaging company - can also is not at all clear the screen, so it's a bit difficult to read outdoors. In addition, the touch screen is not activated, it must therefore entirely on the D-pad navigation is slow and feels a bit in the era of touch screen smartphones obsolete.

Fortunately, Nokia E5 raised her game when it comes to the keyboard. Use the arrow keys similar style bubbles as in the E72 and found it really excellent. Organized by four rows of buttons can be small, but the way to the outside curve of the keyboard, it is easy to operate with your fingers or thumb. Nokia has again some shortcut functions are cleaner than the previous model of the E series, so you can use the shortcut key combination to activate and deactivate the LED flash on and off or mute phone Bluetooth.
Nokia E5
The user interface and performance
As with other Nokia mobile messaging, it runs Series 60 3rd Edition operating system. Series 60 can do a lot, and leave it in an encouragement rather clumsy and long term. Consequently, you end up doing a lot of clicking on the D-Pad to navigate through the user interface. Nokia has tried a bit easier with shortcuts. For example, Button Teresa on the front that leads directly to the e-mail client, and when it is pushed from the main screen, it will automatically create a new message window. You can also use a series of your favorite contacts on the home screen so they are easily accessible.

There are many decent and installed applications. For example, Nokia Maps offers turn navigation, Vlingo provides voice to text translation, and Theresa Facebook application helps you cope with their social environment, but it is not so easy to use, that it should be.

Nokia E5 - networking and the verdict
As with other devices created the series E, E5 may be completely different home screens for business and pleasure. These can quickly switch between using the icon switching, which is a good idea.
Nokia E5
Is not that missing the phone when it comes to connectivity. It sports HSDPA for fast access to data in motion and also has Wi-Fi on board, when you connect to a wireless router in the office or at home here. Theres also a GPS and Bluetooth software works well with Nokia Maps. However, this means the small screen, Web browser, a bit slow and the lack of a touch screen, navigation Nokia E5 a very frustrating experience, especially for Android smartphones available at similar prices compared provides.

As we have come to expect from Nokia, but the quality is very good and the phone seems to be very good to hold a signal even in some problem areas. Battery life was excellent and we were able to get about three days between charges.
Nokia E5 Camera
However, a camera E5S a bit of a disappointment. E5 It has a 5-megapixel resolution and autofocus and an LED flash so special, but the results are disappointing.
Auto focus is not so hot that the camera produces quite often blurred and the colors are very subdued look dark and sad picture ready. The flash is not in, but again the detail and sharpness is not his strength.

Verdict The Nokia E5 is a robust messaging phone that offers many features and a good keyboard and good battery life. However, crowding your screen is a bit of a disappointment and a Series 60 operating system seems quite dated now compared to the competition. Since there are many great smartphones that you can get for around 180 on pay as you go now do not think that the Nokia E5 offers more than enough excitement to make it tempting.

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