Monday, 30 May 2011

Nokia E5 reviews

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The Nokia E5 is a robust messaging phone that offers many features and a good keyboard and good battery life. However, crowding your screen is a bit of a disappointment and a Series 60 operating system seems quite dated now compared to the competition. Since there are many great smartphones that you can get for around 180 on pay as you go now do not think that the Nokia E5 offers more than enough excitement to make it tempting.

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The E5 seems that the media industry through the design style Blackberry, where he was a landscape screen with a full QWERTY keyboard below. Like many other Nokia phones messenger recent years, however, it is also fun, you are working to foil between two screens at home and play.

E-Series phones are let for their quality and impressive building Nokia E5 fortunately not the face-down known. Most of the chassis is made of hard black plastic, but the battery cover and buttons mounted on the center console front are carved from aluminum. The chassis is very rigid and not flexible at all, seem to bend a little even if force is applied, so that you feel confident that it will cope with the hardships of life in motion. The Nokia E5 is much cheaper and still seems quite elegant.

Nokia has grouped the connectors on the top of the phone. Here you will find the traditional mini Nokia charging port and a micro USB port. Micro-USB connector can be used to recharge your phone and synchronize with a PC, but the strain is slower than USB, it is to use Nokia's own charger.
Slap bang in the middle of these two ports, you'll find the headphone output, which is fortunately a standard 3.5mm jack, so you can swap the headphones made from your account are available.

For storage, the phone has 512MB of ROM on board, but Nokia also comes with a 2GB microSD card, this is a niche that is troublesome enough under the battery cover, you can not replace them off the memory card without the phone.

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