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United States T - Mobile is The Latest iPhone Rumors Marry

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We still do not know when AT & T Inc. and Apple's exclusive contract will end, but Do not stop the rumors continue to expand the iPhone new airlineThe United States.

Usually Verizon Wireless, we heard the service on the verge of signing IPhone, but the cult of Mac Wednesday reported that it is actually a T - Mobile's "Very close to be in the autumn iPhone.
The report quoted an anonymous "high level" of the T - Mobile companies, who says source Apple and the negotiations between operators in the "advanced stage", it"80% likely", coming in the third quarter, mobile phone network T - Mobile company.

It is not clear from where it achieved 80% of this figure. We know that in a Point, Apple and AT & T's 5-year exclusive service agreement. USA Today Contract in 2007, which will maintain the phone out of the original term Airlines from the United States until 2012, at the earliest. If this does not change Clear, but "this fall" or "third quarter" seems a bit early. AT & T company, however, Suddenly, now, who has completed a permit at any time in a year, contract customers Early to Improve the iPhone, it can be a sign that the forecast level of AT & T Inc. The exclusive end of the contract.

Clearly, Apple is interested in expanding the device to another, Is the carrier - in fact, even in many countries, saw the rise of new Members, according to Tim Cook, director for operations. If Apple was to follow up This strategy in the United States, T - Mobile company is more suitable for normal iPhone Verizon, when placed in proper perspective. Similarly, and AT & T - Mobile's GSM network card use and operation.

Verizon, on the other hand On the one hand, do not use card, which is CDMA technology. Apple rumors On several occasions, created a replica of CDMA's iPhone. But Monday, Cable Reports that Apple may use Qualcomm chips in even if it Phone - This will require reform of the design and manufacture of mobile IPhone - and ultimately abandoned the idea.

In addition to the iPhone is more realistic, the two companies have Relationship: T - Mobile's parent Deutsche Telekom through iPhone T - Mobile and Orange in the UK and Europe. It also shows that Apple and AT & T does not try to claim that they have a large This relationship.

Apple profit on Tuesday, phone when talking about He added: operators, and Cook said on this issue and even less than ever before. "We are very pleased to partner with AT & T has been a leading partner This is a pioneering concept from the network in the United States, smart growth, " Cook said. "This is what I have to say."

Commenting on this issue, free of charge, all. But it certainly Cut a little more than usual. Of course, if Apple does not like other operators, is Is unlikely to leave AT & T Inc., indicating that the company clearly sick Do not let a very meaningful. Instead, Apple may use another carrier Increase the availability of the current iPhone. T - Mobile's certainly not as large as Network and AT & T company, specializing in U.S. rural areas, so it worked well As a complement, more than anything to AT & T's iPhone availability.

The new carrier, but that does not mean automatically better experience for the iPhone If users in San Francisco and New York. It is not clear in the T - Mobile, Inc. (or any Other than the carrier) will not encounter along the AT & T and line network problems Treatment, and should start providing iPhone. It is possible the amount of data Apple users any carrier would be a landslide.

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