Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Nokia N85 Cell Phone Reviews

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Many people say that the N85, a replacement for the N82, which is one of the best mobile devices that Nokia has produced is. However, the two markets differently, and the N82 is on sale and not suspended from Nokia.

Sporting the same form factor as the N96, the N85 is also a dual slider. Running on Symbian S60 N85 has a very minimalist design. I liked the call buttons and end design means a lot. Slide the phone to show the keyboard. Although there are no seams between the keys, is still very useful. Slide the phone and the screen automatically changes to landscape mode and there are four additional buttons. These four other buttons are used to control music playback, but when you play a game, press the two gaming keys become.

The Carl Zeiss lens, 5.0 megapixel camera on the back of the unit. There is a special button on the side of the phone and you must slide open the lens cover. I liked this design because it protects the camera lens. But the lights, the N85 still uses LEDs as flash instead of a Xenon flash like the N82. This is a huge turn off for those who plan their N85 increase.

The overall performance of the phone is fast and there were no delays in our deployment, but on the other hand, the device is quite new and there werent many applications installed.

I do not use microphones N85 xenon flash like lightning. The use of xenon on the N82 is a feature much appreciated.
The N85 is as good as the N96. So if you need any additional bells and whistles on the N96, the N85 is the Indofood need.Hochwertige umbrellas in eFoodDepot

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